Our law office provides complete services of a high standard in all fields

...concerning business enterprises and the real estate market, without failing to provide for every other field concerning our clients' needs, in the best possible way.

Civil Law Field

Thus, in the civil law field we fully cover our clients with all kinds of contracts. We claim damages and compensation out of contractual and tort liability (compulsory execution of a writ and payment orders are included). In the real estate field, we not only examine deeds of property-ownership and attend the drawing up of contracts, but we also offer our services in tax and bank law, with support before tax authorities and banks, when collecting all kinds of certificates, submitting tax returns, or raising housing loans. And when our clients create their own families, we provide for the most ‘private’ sectors of family law and law of inheritance.

Commercial Law

In the field of commercial law, we specialize in corporations and business enterprises. Our expertise and swiftness in the building up of firms enables us to make the right choices when choosing for our clients’ proper company type, which bests suits their needs. We successfully provide constant legal services to all our companies; we undertake modifications of company’s legal type, conveyancing, and company winding up. We handle all kinds of commercial contracts, register trademarks and patents. Furthermore, we render our services in maritime law on an every day basis.

Labour & Social Security Law

Labour and social security law is the field in which our office activates the most. From the making, to the length and especially during the dissolution of a labour contract, we are in constant attendance of employer or employee to their best advantage. We also specialize in the field of public servants law, by taking legal actions against public sectors in order to claim benefits. Labour and social security law are inextricably linked. In the latter, we cover every dispute, so much during the duration of the social security relationship (contributions, insurance fund benefits), as in its termination (pension issue).

Tax Law

While assisting our clients with a full range of legal services in business and real estate, we place a special emphasis on offering legal advice in tax law, by successful judicial dealing of administrative imposition of all kinds of taxes, penalties, additional levies etc.